This is America-Breakdown

This is America-Breakdown

Hip-hop music and fashion have been the breakout collaboration since the 1970s. Fans usually look to artist music videos for their next big look. But one artist’s new video is serving a look that is meant to be an eye-opener.

Donald Glover, known by the rap name, Childish Gambino, debuted a music video for his first single from his new album.  The song titled, “This is America” was released the day after his “Saturday Night Live” performance." The video makes political statements about the role of being black in America. 

In the video, Gambino is shirtless with pants that appear to be linked to old Confederate uniforms. He is also wearing two small gold chains, double entendre for physical bondage and obsession with consumerism.

The movements and facial expressions made by Gambino are said to be modeled after the Jim Crow. In my opinion, I would argue that even his choice of being shirtless was inspired by the Jim Crow caricature. As the caricature is dressed in poor, dirty, and ragged clothing which barely cover some parts of the body.Childish Gambino/Jim Crow FaceSource: The Grio

When he aims to shot the musician in the chair, his shooting position is reflective of caricature as seen below.

Jim CrowSource: The Daily Edge

After the gun has done its job, the respected piece of steal is handed off carefully and wrapped in red cloth. While the victim is being dragged out the camera’s frame with no compassion. Twitter users even pointed out this shocking scene.

thelocalemo twitter

Source: thelocalemo /twitter user

Check out the detailed breakdown below of all the other imagery besides the fashion and gun violence.

Source: Shawn Cee

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