CookiesSF Smoke Collection

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CookiesSF Smoke Collection


The Cookies 3 Stack Jar with Silicone Insert gives you the best of both worlds. Carry your concentrates or flower in either of the three separate compartments. Each compartment utilizes a threaded base. Stack them all up and the Cookies jar stands just under 5" tall. 
Cookies 3 Stack Jar
Each individual compartment features a removable silicone insert. This silicone insert is super slick so carrying or storing your concentrates will be no problem at all. As with all Cookies Jars, this features a medical grade silicone seal that locks in freshness while keeping odors in and water out. 


The latest in the CookiesSF smoke accessories line-up is the Red Cookies Stack Jar. This brand is known for high quality, unique products that are a must have for any smoker. Just like the original, the Red Cookies Jar is made from medical grade plastic and features a very handy plastic divider. The divider makes it easy to separate your flavors or anything else you want to store. 
Cookies Red Stack Jar
From top to bottom, the Cookies Jar measures 5.75" and is approximately 3.5" in diameter. The jar is divided into three separate units that are then divided in two by a removable plastic divider. This gives you storage for up to (6) different flavors! The jar's lid is finished off with the iconic Cookies brand logo and convenient carrying handle.



Cookies Mini Vacuum Sealer is the customer’s favorite accessory from the Cookies’ smoke line. This travel size item comes with a USB charger, 6-8 seal bags, and Cookies seal stamps.


Each seal bag has enough room to store up to three different flavors. The bag has a smell proof value which the vacuum is inserted in to remove the extra air.



The Cookies Rolling tray 2.0 is the latest and greatest accessory from this iconic San Francisco brand. The 2.0 features a slide out ash tray that is easier to remove. The removable feature allows you to dump your ashes without having to handle the entire tray. In addition, there are now (8) separate holders for your filters or glass tips. Cookies also added compartments for your dab tools. 
Cookies Rolling Tray
The fully functional rolling tray measures approximately 12" long by 8.5" wide. It’s the perfect size for rolling up virtually anywhere. Take it on the go or have it handy around the house. It makes rolling up more enjoyable and convenient. A definite must have for any smoker. Features gloss black finish with baby blue Cookies branding.

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